Top 10 Lucrative Courses In Nigeria.

Here in Nigeria, there are some courses that you will need to study to make it real big in term of financial life. These courses has a way of transforming ones financial life. Take note that being lucrative does not mean that it is easy to get employed. Being lucrative implies that it fetches a lot of money to your bank account.


1. Pharmacy

2. Medicine and surgery

3. Dentistry and dental surgery

4. Business administration

5. Engineering

6. Economics

7. Law

8. ICT

9. Nursing

10. Medical laboratory science

Below are the courses that are lucrative in Nigeria;


Let us to be sincere, people who study this course has the advantage of making it big here in Nigeria. Pharmacy is all about the study of dr.ugs and how it works in the body. It is either you work as a community pharmacist (these are the pharmacist you see in your community and also take not that chemist and pharmacist are not the same) or you can work as an hospital pharmacist (these are pharmacist you see in the hospital) or you can work as an industrial pharmacist (these are the pharmacist that produce the we use). If you want to make it real big in the line of pharmacy, i will advise you to go for industrial or community pharmacy because they have more advantage of making more money than the hospital pharmacy.


Even though the doctors are not paid as high as they want, they have more advantage of making more money in Nigeria. They can also decide to work overseas or they can decide to specialize in a particular field, thereby increasing their pay/salary. Some might even decide to become a lecturer. People who study these courses has a lot of chances of making it big financially as they don’t bother to seek for employment, most of them are employed immediately after school.


Dentistry and dental surgery is all about the study of the oral cavity. I know some people might disagree that dentistry does not worth being third on the list but the truth is that both doctors and dentists are paid on same salary scale (CONHESS). They also have the opportunity to specialise like the counterpart (doctors) in a particular field. They also have the opportunity to work in the oversea after they sit for licensing exam. In USA, dentists are the highest paid profession, they are more paid than doctors but here in Nigeria, they are paid same salary.


As the word implies, it is all about business and we all know that business is running the world. The richest black man in the world, Aliko Dangote is a businessman. People who study this course have the opportunity to stand alone (become an entrepreneur) and run their business venture. Most times, they tend to be successful in the business because they know more about business and how it works.


All forms of engineering is lucrative if they have the opportunity to work in a big engineering firm. All forms of engineering like petrochemical, mechanical, civil, electrical and so on. People who study these courses really make it big financially most especially those who study petrochemical engineering. These people are paid well in Nigeria. The disadvantage they have is that they can hardly stand alone at the early stage of their career.


One thing i like this is that people who study it can work almost everywhere, i mean that you can find them in almost all sectors like the educational sector, business sector, banking sector and so on. Also they are paid well and they also have the opportunity to stand alone as an entrepreneur.

7. LAW

Though there are argument that law is no longer lucrative but it remain number 7 on the list. People who study law to become lawyer know how they make their money because they look comfortable. They also further to become barristers, SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria) and so on.

8. ICT

For those who don’t know the full meaning of ICT, it means Information and Communication Technology and when i say ICT, i mean people who study any course related to computer, website designing etc. I refer them to as computer gurus or tech gurus. We all know that it is technology making things happen in this world. These guys are really paid well and they can become a boss of their own (an entrepreneur).


I have reasons why nursing is the number 9 on my list. The reason is that they easily get job in the hospital due to the high need of nurses in the hospital. Also they can proceed to become “matron”. In a nut shell, they are well paid and they easily get job compared to other health related courses.


Nowadays, hospitals prefer to employ med lab scientists to biochemist or microbiologist, the reason is that med lab science has covered both microbiology and biochemistry. Therefore, they easily get employed and they are paid well.

Take note that this list is not official, everything up there is based on my opinion and advice to jambites, but if you feel the list is incomplete or wrong, you can let us know your opinion.

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