JAMB Mock Exam 2018: Things To Take Note Of During The Exam.

It is no more news that the much awaited JAMB Mock exam for 2018 UTME candidates will finally hold on Monday February 26th, 2018.

If you are among those that will be writing the exam, please do take it serious as you may likely pick one or two things that will help you in the main examination.

Also do not forget that other candidates that won’t be partcipating in the exam will depend on you for updates and relevant information concerning the conduct of the mock exam. So please take note of everything that is happening in your centre and keep us updated.

We will create a LIVE UPDATES thread on that day, so you can let us know anything that is happening before the Mock exam begins or if there are any delays in the process.

While in the hall, please take note of everything but most importantly bellow;

1. Check if there are CCTV Cameras

2. Check if the Computer systems are special in anyway

3. When you login to take an exam, check how the CBT environment is laid out.

4. Where is the time Located, Where are your Subject Navigation Located, Where are the Question Numbers Located, e.t.c.

5. Check if you can use both Keyboard and Mouse.

6. Check the time given for the exam

7. Check the number of questions given.

8. Finally check if there is any thing new with the whole process.

Ensure you arrive your centre at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

Lastly, do not forget to come back to ExamCamp.com.ng Or ExamCamp Whatsapp Group to share your experiences. There will be a thread for that after the mock exam.

How To Reprint JAMB Mock Slip 2018 (Step by Step Guide).

It is no longer a news that JAMB mock examination date has been announced and confirmed. The question that comes to the mind now is, “When will JAMB mock reprinting start?” OR more importantly, “How do I reprint JAMB mock slip 2018?”. Those are the questions candidates are battling with currently.

A lot of candidates have been asking me these questions and some other related questions. I have decided to w

Follow the easy steps below to print your JAMB mock slip successfully.

1. Go to JAMB mock slip reprint page by clicking

2. Enter your JAMB Registration Number/Email Address

3. Click on “Check My Details” You’ll be displayed with your JAMB mock examination details showing your venue, time and seat number.

Easy, right? Let me make this know to you. You can also print your JAMB mock slip through your email address.

Keep checking your email address daily. You will receive a message from JAMB very soon. It contains a PDF file, download it and Open it.

You’ll see your JAMB mock examination details. You can proceed to print in using the CTRL+P B.utton on your keyboard. If you face as problem while trying to re-print JAMB mock slip, feel free to use the comment box below.

Official Link to Print JAMB Mock Exam Slip for 2018.

JAMB has now released the official link and procedures to print the 2018 JAMB Mock Exam Slip for the exam holding on 26th February, 2018.

This procedure is especially useful for those who may have provided wrong emails during registration, or those who didn’t receive the email sent by JAMB, due to network issues.

Please note that it is best you follow the procedures below using a computer system, to enable you print it immediately.

The smart phone users can actually save the slip on their mobile phone to print later. Please don’t user Opera-Mini for this to be on the safe side. You can use Chrome or Firefox.

Procedures to Print 2018 JAMB Mock Exam Slip

1. Visit the official JAMB Mock Exam Printing Portal by clicking HERE

2. In the form space provided, enter your JAMB registration number or Email used to register

3. Click “Print Examination Slip” for the Pop-Up to Print.

For those who did not indicate to write the Mock Exam, you will most likely not be given access to print any slip.

If you have any issues, let us know in the comment box below so we can help you.

JAMB Begins eMailing Mock Exam Slips for 2018 UTME.

We’re pleased to inform you that the JAMB Mock Examination Slips for 2018 are now being distributed via Email by JAMB. Those who registered for 2018 UTME and selected to write the Mock Exam, using their correct email addresses should get it delivered to them in the coming days.

Remember that JAMB had slated the Mock Exam to hold on Monday, 26th Feb, 2018, while the Main UTME is expected to begin as from 9th March, 2018.

Those who indicated interest to write the Mock, and are yet to receive any email from JAMB can try login into their JAMB profile online to see if access has been granted to them to print the slip. If you have been granted access, please come back here and share with others, so you can guide us.

Feel free to share your Mock Exam Slip as a comment under this post. You can also attach a screenshot if you wish.

How To Know If You Are Qualified For 2018 JAMB Mock Exam.

By now, we’re sure you all know that the JAMB Mock Exam for the 2018 UTME has been confirmed to hold on February 26th, 2018. Many UTME candidates seem not to know if they are qualified to partake in the mock examination or not.

Let’s quickly clear the confusion so you know if you are qualified or not. In as much as a lot of you would like to write the Mock Exam, not everyone is entitled to write it.

If you did not select to write the exam during registration, you are simply not qualified to partake in the mock examination.

Also, if you are unable to print you mock exam slip or get a notification from JAMB concerning the mock exam schedule; it equally means you are not qualified for the mock exam.

Whatever be the case, you do not have anything to worry about. You can have same mock exam experience by downloading and practicing with the JAMB CBT Mobile App, JAMB CBT Software for Computer Systems or by using the Free Online JAMB CBT Exam Platform I believe this has helped to clear the confusion.

However, if you have any more questions concerning the mock exam, please post it as a comment so the community can help you.

How To Know Your 2018 JAMB Mock Exam Schedule.

Considering that the JAMB Mock exam is just few days from now, we expect JAMB to send details concerning candidates’ Venue and time any moment from now.

JAMB had earlier announced that candidates will be sent their mock exam schedule via email and text messages.

We equally expect JAMB to provide means for candidates who are unable to get email and sms
notifications to print their mock slips online as well.

Notwithstanding, we ExamCamp Team advise all those who indicated interest to write the Mock Exam to please check their emails regularly from now and look pout for such notification from JAMB in that regard. Please be sure to check both your inbox and SPAM folder.

If you find anything, please don’t hesitate to come back here and let us know your findings, And share experience with other candidates here.

Notice To Jamb Candidates On Reprinting Of Form 2018.

All aJAMB UTME candidates who have successfully purebred have been destined to re-print their registration trip by visiting any JAMB accredited Computer-Based Centre or cyber café from February 18th, 2018 to know their accurate hearing date, time of hearing and venue.

Candidates are also suggested to arrive during their several centres/venue 1 hour, 30 mins before a scheduled time and safeguard they belong particularly to their hearing date, time and venue as anyone who misses his or her hearing will have no event to write it again. However, if we have finished your registration, don’t rubbish time.

JAMB 2018: 40 Likely Questions From The InDependence That Might Be Asked In 2018 UTME.

The questions below are picked from different sources. I advice to read painstakingly, and make sure you study the questions very well, as they might be asked in Jamb examination.

Answers are indicated by this sign (√)
Lets get going

1. “An old man should be contemplating his mortality than dreaming of women” – this statement was stated by who?

a) Tayo
b) Mr. Richardson
√c) Mr. Ajayi
d) Miriam

2. Which day of the week did Tayo leave Nigeria for Oxford in 1963?

a) Saturday
b) Sunday
√c) Monday
d) Tuesday

3. How many people were in the car when Tayo was being taken to Uncle Kayode’s place?

a) three
b) four
√c) five
d) six

4. The names of Tayo’s cousin in England were

a)Modupe and Tunde
b) Tunde and Yusuf
c) Bolaji and Ike
√d) Tunde and Jumoke

5. In 1963, Uncle Kayode returned from abroad as

√a) a senior army officer
b) an engineer
c) a wealthy politician
d) a Professor of English Language

6. ‘You’re off to be a Baliol man’ – who stated this?
a) Tyo’s father
b) Uncle Kayode
c)Ucle Bola
√d) Headmaster Faircliff

7. For what purpose is Tayo travelling to England?
Ans: To take up a scholarship at Balliol
College, Oxford

8. What is the name of Tayo’s school in England?
Ans: Balliol College

9. What is the significance of Tayo’s visit to relatives before embarking on his journey to England?
Ans: It is their tradition

10. Through what means of transportation does Tayo travel to England?
Ans: Water

11. Why is Tayo surprised that people do
not greet each other in passing in England?
Ans: Because in Nigeria, so much value is
attached to greetings

12. In what subject did Bisi receive the highest honours?
Ans: Geography

13. In the Ajayi motto, all things are expected to be done with moderation except what?
Ans: Study

14. Who is Mr Barker?
Ans: He His headmaster and Mr
Faircliffe’s old colleague

15. What reminds Tayo of his mother in the Barkers’ house?
Ans: Isabella cooks wonderful meals in a
way that reminds Tayo of his mother

16. Christine was in her third year of study when?
Ans: Tayo met her for the first Time

17. What is Vanessa Richardson’s nationality?
Ans; English

18. What is the name of the friend that Vanessa wrote a letter to, concerning the status of women?Ans: Jane

19. The full meaning of JACARI is?
Ans: Joint Action Committee Against Racial Inequality

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JAMB Recommended Books for English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

This post is all about letting you know about some personal recommended books that you should ready for your upcoming JAMB UTME exam. You should not wait until one month to the exam before you start reading. The earlier the better.

Once you have cultivated the habit of reading, you will develop the argue to read every moment of your life. You cannot imagine how this simple gesture can transform life in a positive way.

We are going to focus on some of the recommended books for candidates sitting for core or partial science subjects in JAMB exam.

The books recommendation will cover the following subjects: JAMB English, Mathematics , Chemistry , Physics and Biology.

Lets go ahead to list our recommended books for JAMB UTME exam. Please note that this is a personal recommendation base on the authors experience writing and passing JAMB UTME examination.



1. A-Z jamb use of English by Dele Ashade,
2. Catch up English by Okebukola(Heinemann)
3. The invisible teacher by Dele Ashade.


The Independence
The Last Days At Forcados High School


1. New General Mathematics for Senior
Secondary 3
2. Progressive Mathematics for SS3
3. Further Mathematics project 1 – 3: by
Tuttuh Adegun, M.R Sivasubramaniam, S.
Adegoke, R


1. New school chemistry by Ababio
2. Certificate chem by Lambert and


1. New sch physics by Anyakoha
2. Calculations in physics by Omotosho
3. Comprehensive Physics


1. Comprehensive certificate Biology by
Ambuno Sunday
2. Modern biology

JAMB Gives Candidates With Registration PINs 24hrs To Complete Registration.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has disclosed that candidates who have purchased their PINS but are yet to register have just twenty four (24) hours to do so before the
registration portal finally closes for 2018 UTME.

While disclosing this in Abuja, the Head of Information, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, noted that it would not entertain any complaints from candidates who fail to complete their registration

He said the extension applied to candidates who had initiated registration processes and had paid and procured the registration e-pins but could not register at the closed of sales.

He mentioned that a total of 1,662,818 candidates purchased the 2018 UTME form while 1,650,547 had successfully registered for the 2018 UTME.

2018/2019 Waec Gce Chemistry Practical Questions And Answers, Expo For January/February Candidates.

2018/2019 Waec Gce January/February real Chemistry Alternative to Practical Questions / Answers / Expo / Answers / expo / runs. 2018/2019 Waec Gce Chemistry Alternative To practical expo Questions / answers 2018.

Below is how to Subscribe for 2018 Waec Gce Chemistry Alternative To Practical Questions /Answers.

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Via Web Password : 400 MTN Card

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Subscription ends 2hours before the Exam Commence.

If you want to get information from us just send an sms to the number above and u will be replied immediately.

Please Don’t Call Just Send Your Details Because The Number Might be Switched Off/Divert Due to Too Much Calls.

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