2018 Waec Data Processing { Essay & Obj } Answers.


data model is the process of structuring and organizing data in addition data model can also be defined as a description of the organisation of data in data base

i)flat file mode
ii)network model
iii)hierarchical database model

i)conceptual data model
ii)logical data model
iii)physical data model

conceptual model is also known as the data model that can be used to describe the conceptual schema when a database system is implemented. It hides the internal details of physical storage and targets on describing entities, datatype, relationships and constraints.


2 a )
Micro soft offfice word

2 aii )
water mark

2 aiii)
by saving doucument to a secured storage device

2 bi)
icon- is a pictogram or ideogram displayed on a computer screen in order to help the user navigate a computer system or mobile device .

2 bii )
browser – is a software application for retrieving ,presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web .

3(a) ♡ Ctrl+P
♡ select “pages”
♡ type ” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5″ in the pages field
♡ select the desired printer
♡ click ok

(i) A pop-
up is a graphical user (GUI) display
area. The pop-up window
containing an advertisement is usually
generated by JavaScript that uses cross-site
scripting (XSS), sometimes with a secondary
payload that uses Adobe Flash. They can
also be generated by other vulnerabilities/
security holes in browser security.

(ii) Pop-up ads or pop-ups are forms of online
advertising on the World Wide Web.

(iii) Open Internet Explorer. Click the
tools button (it is in the top
righthand corner and looks like a
cog), then select internet options.
Go to the Privacy tab, and under
Pop-up Blocker, select the Turn
on Pop -up Blocker check box, and
then tap or click ok.

(i) Microsoft power point


(i) Microsoft word
(ii) web browser

(i) Printer
(ii) Computer system

(i) He must have internet access
(ii) He must have correct recipient email address

(i) Not connected to the internet
(ii) Slow network
(iii) The size of the attachment maybe too big


Web browser

(i) Mozilla Firefox
(ii) Google Chrome
(iii) Internet Explorer


( 6 ai)
Drop cap

( 6 aii )
( i ) Type the first word or sentence .
( ii ) Highlight the first character .
( iii ) Click on drop cap from insert menu .

( 6 aiii )
( a) Click enter after the second paragraph .
( b ) Click on columns from page layout on menu bar.
( c) Click on two columns from more columns option.
( d ) Mark on line between box , select from this point forward on apply to box .
Click Ok

( 6 b )
( i ) Shape
( ii ) clip art

6 ci)
– Launch the corel draw application
– click on elipse tool or F 7 on keyboard and drag .

( 6 cii )
– On the corel draw environment
– click on text tool and Click on the place to add the caption .
– Type ” Happy Birthday ” From the keyboard .

( 6 ciii )
– Highlight the caption
– Click on fill text
– Select red colour from fill colour dialog box

( 6 civ )
– Highlight the caption and click on text on the menu bar.
– Click on text to path
– Click on the circular object with the arrow

9a )- He decides the demand of the product at that time

– He helps to make arrangement for storage facilities

– He helps to fix the price for the price for the agricultural product

He helps to look at the quality and quantity of agricultural product to be marketed-

He helps to grade the agricultural product

(9 b) – Facilitator helps to decide where there is the demand for the processed food –

He also helps in fixing the good price for the product

– He decides on how to store the product in the case of excess –

He will decide the quality of the product-

He helps in grading of the product

2018 Waec Chemistry Practical Expo.

2018/2019 Waec Chemistry Practical Expo ,
Questions And Answers. Waec 2018 Chemistry
Practical Expo , Solutions . Waec 2018 Chemistry Practical Real Expo . Waec Chemistry Practical Waec Chemistry Practical Expo , Questions And Answers. 2018 /2019 Waec Chemistry Practical Expo , Solution . 2018 Waec Chemistry Practical Expo , real Questions and Answers. 2018 Waec Ssce Chemistry Practical Expo / Solution / Questions and Answers. 2018 Wassce Chemistry Practical Expo .


Volume of pipette used=25.0cm^3
Reading: Rough|1st|2nd|3rd
Final reading: 16.00|15.40|17.20|15.30
Initial reading: 0.00|0.00 |2.00 |0.00
Vol of acid used: 16.00|15.40|15.20|15.30
Average volume of A used = (VA1 + VA2 +
VA3) cm³
VA = (15.40 + 15.20 + 15.30)/3cm³
VA = 45.90/3 = 15.30cm³.
B contains 4.80g/250cm³
Hence x8 = 1000cm³
X = 4.80 × 1000/250 = 4.80 × 4 = 19.2gdm³

Hence molar concentration of B in
Mass Conc(8dm³) = molar Conc × molar
Molar Conc of B = mass conc/molar mass =
Cb = 0.151moldm3

Concentration of A in moldm-³, CA is
given by CAVA/CBVB = na/nb
Where CA = ?
VA = 15.30cm³,
na = 1
CB = 1.51moldm-³, VB = 25.0cm³, nb = 5
CA × 15.30/0.151 × 250= 1/5
Therefore CA = 0.151×25×1/15.30×5 = 3.775/76.50 = 0.049moldm-³
Hence Conc. Of A in moldm-³ = 0.049moldm-³

No of moles of Fe²+ in the volume of B
n= cv/1000 =
0.151×25.0/1000 =
= 0.003775moles of Fe²+


TEST: C + about 5cm3 of distilled water
OBSERVATION: C dissolves to form a clear
Turns blue litmus paper to pink
INFERENCE: C is a soluble salt;
C is fairly acidic

TEST: 1st portion of C + NaOH(aq) in
then excess
OBSERVATION: pale-blue precipitate forms
in drops of NaOH(aq) which persists in
excess of NaoH(aq)
INFERENCE: cu²+ present.

TEST: 2nd portion of C + NH3(aq) in drops
and then in excess
OBSERVATION: pale blue precipitate forms
in drops of NH3(aq).
Ppt dissolves to form a deep blue
INFERENCE: Cu²+ present.
Cu²+ confirmed

TEST: 3rd portion of c + AgNO3(aq) + HCL
OBSERVATION: a creamy white ppt forms.
INFERENCE: Halogen/Halides present.

TEST: D + about 5cm³ of distilled H2O
OBSERVATION: D dissolves to form a clear
The test tube feels warmth
INFERENCE: D is a soluble salt.

TEST: 2cm³ of D + HCL(aq)
OBSERVATION: effervescence occurs, an
odourless and colourless gas evolved.
Precipitate dissolves in dil HCL(aq)
INFERENCE: CO32-, so32-present
CO32- present


A white precipitate of barium sulphate
will be formed by the instant reaction
between sulphuric acid and barium
H2SO4(aq) + BaCl2(aq) -> BASO4 + 2HCl

Iron II sulphide reacts with hydrochloric
acid, releasing the malodorous and very
toxic gas, hydrogen sulphide
FeS(aq) + 2HCl -> Fecl2(aq) + H2S(g)

When solid iron fillings are added to
dilute aqueous hydrochloric acid, Iron
(II)Chloride OR ferrous chloride is
formed, with the liberation of hydrogen
Fe(s) + 2HCL(aq) -> Fecl2 + H2(g)

2018/2019 Waec Chemistry Practical Questions
And Answers, Expo . 2018 Waec Chemistry
Practical Expo , solutions. 2018/2019 Waec
Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers,
Expo. 2018 Waec Chemistry Practical Expo .
2018 Waec Chemistry Practical Expo, Questions
and Answers. 2018 Waec Chemistry Practical
Questions And Answers, Expo , Solutions . 2018
Waec Chemistry Practica Real Expo, Runz. 2018
Real Waec Chemistry Practical Expo , Questions
and Answers. 2018 Waec Chemistry Practical
Expo/Solutions . Waec Real Chemistry practical Expo 2018/2019. Waec Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers 2018. 2018 Waec Chemisry Practical Real Expo , Questions and Answers Real Expo. Wassce Chemistry Practical Expo. 2018/2019 Waec Ssce May/June Chemistry
Practical Expo , Runz. Waec Ssce Chemistry
Practical Questions And Answers, Expo 2018.
Wassce Chemistry Practical Expo , Questions
And Answers. Waec Ssce Chemistry Practica
Real Expo, Questions and Answers. Waec
Chemistry Questions And Answers, Expo 2018/2019. Verified 2018 Waec Chemistry
Practical Solutions /Expo . Waec 2018 Chemistry Practical Expo. 2018 waec Chemistry Practical Questions, Expo, Answers. Real 2018/2019 Waec Gce chemistry practica Expo, Questions and Answers.

JAMB: Striking Non-academic Staff Threatens To Disrupt 2018 UTME.

This year’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), will begin on Friday. It is scheduled to hold from March 9 to March 17 Ugwoke said that the threat became imperative
as the Federal Government had continued to renege on the agreement it entered with the unions.

According to him, “since our strike continues, JAC has decided that no activity will take place in the

“This is because if we are on strike and you
expect our members to come and supervise JAMB or come to operate their machines like the computers, that means we are breaking the strike already.

“JAC has also decided that to redraw their assistance they would not go to work. So all I know is that as long as we are on strike, JAC has decide that there will be no exam.

“Our members will not participate and they will make sure that the exam does not hold in the universities that is the position of JAC, ‘’ he said.

He noted that JAC has also decided to hold a mega mass protest rally on Thursday, March 8, to sensitise the public on the issue of alleged corruption and the social injustices in the Nigerian university system.

JAMB Confirms Printing Of Exam Slip For 2018 UTME Begins March 6th.

JAMB has revealed that the printing of exam slip for the 2018 UTME will begin March 6th, 2018 ahead of the main exam which begins on March 9th, 2018.

The printing of exam slip is to enable candidates to know the exact date, time and venue for their JAMB exam.

So if you registered for 2018 UTME, it is advisable you print your exam slip as soon as possible once the process begins.

JAMB has stated that there will not be any mop up exam for any candidate who fails to appear on the day and time for his/her exam. That means once you miss your exam, there is nothing that can be done.

We will post an update that highlights the procedure for printing of exam slip once the process begins.

Who Has The Highest JAMB Score in History? (See His Name and Jamb Score)

A lot of young students may just dream about the achieving of the highest JAMB score. Nonetheless, for some people in Nigeria, it`s just a reality in which they live. Who is the owner of the highest JAMB score in history?

Who owns the highest JAMB score record?
According to JAMB scores statistics, Ibrahim
Shamwifu got the highest JAMB score in history. with 399 JAMB score. This student is indigene to Kogi State. It seems that this record will not be broken for the next ten years. This highest result is recorded on JAMB score 2016.

Student Ibrahim Shamwifu made almost impossible in 2016! He just needed one point in the score for the JAMB! If he managed to get at least one more point to become the first person who managed to get the maximum in the JAMB.

This young man wanted to study Medicine and Surgery at the Ahmadu Bello University. It was the main reason why he joined the JAMB tests in 2016! It`s not the first time in the history when Nigerian students show their excellent knowledge. In the same year, a Nigerian student graduated from UniLag with 5.0 in CGPA.

Therefore, if you think that it`s impossible to get the highest score in JAMB – you are completely wrong. The only thing to remember when you pass the JAMB test is to rely only on your knowledge. The better you prepare – the better the results in the end! That`s why you shouldn`t be lazy when you get ready to one of the most important tests in your life! Just embrace it and be prepared for everything!