2018 NABTEB Geography { Obj & Essay } Answers.

Migration is the movement of people from one geographical area to another involving permanent or temporary residence or settlement.

(i) Rural – urban migration
(ii) Rural – rural migration
(iii) Urban – rural migration
(iv) Urban – urban migration

(1) Natural disaster: the occurrence of natural disaster like flood, drought, famine e.t.c could force people to migrate out of the trouble areas to a good peaceful place.
(2) Insecurity: fear of security arising from war, political instability e.t.c could make people to migrate
(3) Difference in economic opportunities: as a result of these people tend to migrate to where there are more economic opportunities like jobs and business transaction
(4) Changes in status: change in status eg high level of education and wealth could make people to migrate

(i) It leads to unemployment
(ii) It leads to high cost of living


(1) Italy
(2) Germany

(i) Shoes
(ii) Wrist watch

(i) Motor vehicle
(ii) Textile

(i) Cocoa
(ii) Palm oil

(i) Rubber
(ii) Crude oil

(i) It foster international cooperation
(ii) It stimulates production of exportable goods
(iii) Provision of new product
(iv) Provision of foreign exchange
(v) Generation of revenue

(1) Indefinite capital: indefinite capital among these three counties may limit the volume of trade among them
(2) Low demand for product
(3) Low value of currency
(4) High traffic on goods
(5) Strained international relations


(Map of Nigeria showing rivers, dams, seaport area, river port)

(1) Medium of transportation: river, especially the large ones serve as medium of transportation from one place to another
(2) Generation of hydro-electric power (H.E.P) many rivers are dammed in areas of water fall and rapid for the purpose of generating electricity
(3) Regeneration and tourism: some rivers are centers of tourist attraction and may generate foreign exchange for s nation
(4) Domestic uses: water from rivers is used for various domestic purpose such as cooking, washing, bating and drinking

(i) Seasonal fluctuation of the water volume
(ii) Rapid and falls on the rivers
(iii) Growth of water weeds
(iv) River pollution


Showing the map of Nigeria Plains and Basin


(i) Human and economic activities
(ii) Most of the resource are food crops like yam, cassava, rice, cocoyam, fish and H.E.P
(iii) The main economic activities include:
– Farming where yam, rice etc are grown
– Fishing is done due to presence of river Niger and Benue
– Industrial activities like mining (limestone) in Gboro and brass work in Bida

(i) Poor transportation in the region
(ii) Presence of waterfall and rapid along the rivers
(iii) High level of tse-tse flies and black flies infestation which ones sleeping sickness and river blindness respectively
(iv) Seasonality of the rivers inhabits transportation

(i) The rivers should be dredged regularly
(ii) Social amenities should be provided
(iii) Waging war against tse-tse flies and black flies in the region

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