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NABTEB GCE 2019: English Language { Obj, Essay & Oral } Questions & Answers.

SMS OR WHATSAPP US: 08020867014. NABTEB GCE ENGLISH O’LEVEL ANSWERS BY EXAMCAMP TEAM ENGLISH OBJ 1-10: BBCCDBBCCB 11-20: BADACADADB 21-30: ACBCAACBDD 31-40: CCDCCCDDCA 41-50: CBDBACACBA 51-60: BBDCCABCDA 61-70: BDCBACBCDC 71-80: CADCBDABBA 81-90: DBABACACBD 91-100: CCABABACCD _______________________________ ESSAY PART (5a) It was the gold that started coming into Spain from Peru after Francisco Pizarro conquest. (5b) […]

NABTEB GCE 2019: Office Practice { Obj & Essay } Answers.

NABTEB GCE OFFICE PRACTICE ANSWERS OFFICE PRACTICE OBJ 1-10: ACBDADDABB 11-20:CBCCDAABCC 21-30:ADAABABCAD 31-40:AAABDCACBB 41-50:BCCDACBDBA __________________________________________ (1a) A meeting is a gathering of two or more people that has been convened for the purpose of achieving a common goal through verbal interaction, such as sharing information or reaching agreement. (1bi) Annual General Meeting: This is a […]

NABTEB GCE 2019: Physics { Obj & Essay } Answers.

NABTEB GCE PHYSICS SOLUTIONS BY EXAMCAMP TEAM. NABTEB PHYSICS OBJ 1-10: CCACDDADAC 11-20: CCABDDDDDC 21-30: CDADABBBDD 31-40: CACDACDAAC 41-50: CABDACABBA ________________________________ (1a) Draw the velocity time graph [https://i.imgur.com/jy8gIwJ.jpg] (i) Acceleration = slope of line OA = AE/OE (ii) Retardation = slope of line BC = BD/DC (iii) Total distances covered in the area of the […]

NABTEB GCE 2019: Chemistry { Obj & Essay } Answers.

2019 NABTEB GCE CHEMISTRY SOLUTIONS CHEMISTRY OBJ 1-10: CBBCBCDBCC 11-20: CBADADACCD 21-30: DBDCBCADDA 31-40: CACDCCCBAC 41-50: CCDDBABBDA _______________________________ (1ai) Mixture contains two or more substances which are not chemically combined together and they can be separated by physical means eg salty water, Alloys etc. (1aii) Fractional Distillation (1b) (i) Physical change. (ii) Chemical change. (iii) […]

NABTEB GCE 2019 O’level Commerce & Geography Obj/Essay Answers.

2019 O’LEVEL NABTEB GCE COMMERCE ANSWERS {COMMERCE OBJ} 1-10: BBCABCCACA 11-20: BCBADBABCA 21-30: BBBBCBDADB 31-40: CABCDBACAA 41-50: DABDDABDCB ___________________________________________ {THEORY SOLUTION} ATTEND ONLY FIVE QUESTIONS QUESTION 1✅ QUESTION 3✅ QUESTION 4✅ QUESTION 5✅ QUESTION 7✅ QUESTION 9✅ QUESTION 10✅ ___________________________________________ {Question 1} Dropped on image format ___________________________________________ {Number 3} (3a) (i)Order cheque:Order cheque is made […]

NABTEB GCE 2019: Physics ( Alt To Practical ) Questions & Solutions.

Searched Keywords: 2019 Nabteb Gce Expo. Nabteb Gce physics Practical Alternative 2019 Nov/Dec physics Alternative To Practical Expo, Questions and answers. 2019/2020 Nabteb Gce physics Practical Nov/Dec Real/confirmed Questions And Answers, Verified Expo. 2019 Nabteb Gce physics Practical Nov/Dec Questions and Answers. 2019/2020 Nabteb Gce Verified physics Practical Alternative Expo, verified Questions And Answers. 2019/2020 […]

UNIUYO 2019/2020 Postgraduate Admission List.

UNIUYO Postgraduate admission list for the 2019/2020 academic session has been released. All candidates who applied for admission into the postgraduate programme of the University of Uyo for the 2018/2019 session are by this notice advised to proceed to check their admission status. See details below; The 2019/2020 Postgraduate admission list is published in two […]

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