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WAEC GCE 2020: Jan/Feb Biology { Obj & Essay } Answers.

WAEC GCE 2020 BIOLOGY { OBJ & ESSAY } ANSWERSBY EXAMCAMP TEAM BIOLOGY OBJ: 1-10: DABCADACDC 11-20: DCCBADCCDC 21-30: BCABBABAAB 31-40: AABDDCDBCC 41-50: BCCBDAACAC ESSAY ANSWERS (1a) In Tabular Form -Hormonal coordination: (i) Transmission is chemical (ii) Slow transmission (iii) Response is wide spread (iv) Target organs receive response (v) Long lasting response -Nervous coordination: […]

WAEC GCE 2020 First Series Chemistry { Obj & Essay } Questions And Answers.

2020 WAEC GCE CHEMISTRY OBJ/ESSAY ANSWERS BY EXAMCLASS TEAM. CHEMISTRY OBJ 1-10:DDDADBBABA 11-20:CDABDCCDDC 21-30: ACDBDCCDAB 31-40: BCADABDBAC 41-50: ABBCCADDAD ESSAY/THEORY ANSWERS (1) (i) Sodium trioxonitrate (v) decahydrate NaNO₃ . 10H₂O (ii) Sodium Oxide –> Na₂O (iii) Potassium tetraoxophospate (v) –> K₃PO₄ (1b) Products formed are: – Hydrogen gas (a+ cathode) – Chlorine gas (a+ anode) […]

WAEC GCE 2020 First Series Government Questions And Answers.

2020 WAEC GCE GOVERNMENT OBJ/ESSAY ANSWERS BY EXAMCLASS TEAM. Government OBJ 1-10: BCCDBBBCBC 11-20: ADCBDABCBC 21-30: BBCCDCDCDA 31-40: AACADDCCBB 41-50: CBACCADCBA THEORY/ESSAY ANSWERS. (1) (i)Population: The most obvious essential feature of a state is its people. “States where the population shares a general political and social consensus (an agreement) about basic beliefs, have the most […]

WAEC GCE 2020: First Series Civic Education Questions And Answers Subscription.

WAEC GCE 2020 FIRST SERIES CIVIC EDUCATION OBJ/ESSAY ANSWERS. CIVIC OBJ 1-10: CCDCADACBD 11-20: BBDCCBDDCD 21-30: DBBCCACCDA 31-40: BDAACADCBB 41-50: AAABAADCDD (1a) Nationalism is an ideology and movement that promotes the interests of a particular nation (as in a group of people especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation’s sovereignty (self-governance) over […]

WAEC GCE 2020 First Series ( Jan/Feb ) Exam Timetable.

THE WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL WEST AFRICAN SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION TIMETABLE FOR PRIVATE CANDIDATES Saturday, 11th January, 2020 Foods and Nutrition (Practical) Planning Session 1hr 9:30 am – 10:30 am ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Saturday, 18th January, 2020 French 3 (Oral) Foods and Nutrition (Practical) 40mins Time for the paper will be arranged by the Council ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: […]

WAEC GCE Result 2019 2nd Series (Nov/Dec) is Out | How To Check Your Result.

This is to inform the general public and especially, candidates that participated in the 2019 November/December West African Senior School Certificate Examination, WASSCE for Private Candidates (popularly known as WAEC GCE) that their results are now available online. 2019 WAEC GCE results have been successfully uploaded online and it is accessible from the WAEC official […]

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